Questions and Answers

Questions concerning Diesel Technic

I would like to become a partner (distribution partner, supplier or service provider) of Diesel Technic. How do I go about this?

If you would like to become a partner of Diesel Technic, please submit an enquiry using the contact form and select the suitable recipient at Diesel Technic. The more detailed information we receive from you, the faster we can answer to your request.

Where can I find the General Sales, Delivery and Payment Terms and Conditions (GTC) and other documents for download?

The General Sales, Delivery and Payment Terms and Conditions (GTC) and other documents are available in the download section in several languages. Subsidiaries have their own GTC, which are applicable. They can be found for the respective location.

How do I apply to Diesel Technic as an employee, apprentice/dual student?

On the career website you will find all information on how to apply and which vacancies, apprenticeship training and study places are currently open. It is possible to submit an unsolicited application at any time.

Questions regarding certifications

All certificates can be downloaded from our Certification and Partnerships area.

Questions regarding the Product Search and Partner Portal

Where can I search and decode products? How does the product search work?

Please retrieve the Partner Portal: At the top in the middle, you will find the search field. Please enter a search term here, e.g. DT, SA, OE/OEM, reference or competitor number, and confirm the entry. There is also the free, accessible digital catalogue for both of the product brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive at

What can I do if I am unable to login to the Partner Portal (request access, login has expired, etc.)?

Please register for an access to the Partner Portal. After the successful manual check you will receive your personal login. The access data for the Partner Portal is valid for eight weeks and is automatically renewed and sent. After longer periods of inactivity, the access data must be requested again via the contact form. If you experience problems when using the Partner Portal, please inform Customer Services by email, for Europe:; for overseas:

Questions regarding orders and products

What are the order times? By what time need I have placed an order?

Fundamentally, you can order around the clock (24/7) on the Partner Portal.

Details about order times and shipping options can be found on the respective site pages:

How can I order catalogues?

Distribution partners can order catalogues after logging into the Partner Portal and within Europe they can have them delivered to selected addresses of their customers (workshops, haulage companies, intermediaries).

The product catalogues are also directly accessible for free in digital format online and provide a diverse range of opportunities for searching and filtering: 

The news notifications on the websites and the Business info newsletter inform about the new catalogues. You can order the Business info newsletter using the contact form.

How can I see the availability of a product?

In the Partner Portal, you can view the availability of an item via a traffic light system. Before logging in, you must firstly select your country, after logging in, your country is automatically pre-selected. Availability relates to the Diesel Technic warehouse of the Diesel Technic Group company responsible for your region.

What are the prices for bulk quantities?

Prices are shown in the Partner Portal after login and are related for a single packaging unit (PU). For some articles prices for alternative packaging units are also mentioned (e.g. pallet) there. For higher volumes please use the product enquiry form to request special bulk prices.

How can I print out a back-order?

After logging in, European distribution partners will find all of the important documentation regarding their orders, for example outstanding orders, delivery notes, list of arrears/back-orders, invoices, credit notes, etc. on the Partner Portal within the Info Centre > Documentation Centre. This can, where required, be saved as a PDF or printed.

How can I provide feedback about products/services?

Distribution partners have the option, after logging in, to provide feedback about a product/service directly on the item’s details page using the button “Product Feedback” (details, price, quality).

Where do I find technical details of products, e.g. measurements?

All technical details and properties can be found on the product page under product details summary in the Partner Portal. If you miss a specific information please use the product feedback or product enquiry form to ask us.

Where can I find technical information/details and product features about the items?

Technical information about all items is positioned on the item’s details page on the Partner Portal and can be downloaded as a PDF. Please contact our Customer Services department via the “Product Feedback” button if you have individual questions. For workshops, haulage companies and intermediaries: using the quick product search, more information, such as product details, photos, applications, assembly instructions, accessories, media links, etc. is visible.

How does Diesel Technic ensure the continuously high product quality?

The Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS) is the guarantor for the consistently high level of quality and the continuous product optimisation. Further information regarding our standards, processes and responsibilities can be found at

Questions regarding delivery

What are the shipping options?

Diesel Technic provides customised logistical solutions and all of the common shipping options:

land, sea/container, air freight, KEP shipping, overnight express. Additionally, the subsidiary companies in France, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore and Dubai/UAE, provide local support with their own warehouse capacities and services in line with the market. There it is possible to collect an order on the same day and thus ensure an comprehensive supply of spare parts. For individual questions regarding the shipping options, please contact our Customer Services department by email for Europe:; for overseas:

What are the delivery periods for products?

Delivery times are dependent on the selected shipping option. Please contact our Customer Services via the “Product Feedback” button (on the item’s details page) if you have individual questions.

How do I obtain the delivery documents?

All of the important delivery documents, such as delivery notes, lists of arrears, invoices, credit notes, etc. for distribution partners in Europe are contained on the Partner Portal in the Info Centre > Documentation Centre. The delivery documents are enclosed with the respective shipment and are sent as originals to you. If you have not received the documents or cannot find them, please contact our Customer Services department by email for Europe:; for overseas:

Shipment tracking: Where is my package? When will it arrive? 

To use available tracking services the shipping address must contain also an e-mail address for notifications. Status information will be sent automatically to the recipient.

Do you offer support for import?

Our experienced shipping team support you within the importing process.

Who can aid me further with a customs problem?

For individual questions about customs problems, distribution partners are to contact the Customer Services department for Europe:; for overseas:

Questions regarding the Aftersales Service (returns, delivery differences, guarantee claims)

How to claim or return a product?

All information about our Aftersales Support and conditions can be found here:

I have a problem with a product or an order/delivery. How do I go about this?

All forms for Aftersales Service (returns, delivery differences, warranty claims) can be found pre-filled on the Partner Portal after login under Info Centre > Service Centre. As backup, the PDF forms can be retrieved from the download area without login.

Where will I find the guarantee conditions for products of the brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive?

The warranty conditions for the brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive can be found in the download area.

The warranty conditions are also included in the respective product catalogues.

What must I do if I have a guarantee claim?

Please check the proof of purchase for when the product was purchased. The warranty period for the products of the brand DT Spare Parts is 24 months, the warranty period for products of the brand SIEGEL Automotive is 12 months.

Checklist for the required information:

  • Customer number distribution partner (distributor), item no. (label)
  • Lot no. (label) or batch no. (item)
  • Delivery details/invoice
  • Detailed description of the damage (potentially photos)
  • Vehicle information

All of the obligatory fields must be filled in to ensure quick processing.

Diesel Technic provides professional support for a quick solution.

What is the lot no. for? How can I determine the lot no.?

The lot number ensures traceability of the product throughout the entire supply chain and enables a quick and targeted handling in the event of a warranty claim. The lot no. can be found on the supply documentation, the item’s label on the packaging or on the item itself (batch no.). More information regarding the safeguarding of product quality can be found at

How do I obtain credit notes?

Credit notes are generated after inspection of the respective claim for a return, delivery difference and warranty claims where the provisions are complied with. The credit notes for distribution partners in Europe can be retrieved on the Partner Portal under Info Centre > Document Centre.