Series inspection

Steady high quality

Latest production and inspection processes

Production by the supplier takes place with the use of the most modern production and inspection processes. Every batch produced is controlled in accordance with the specifications of the inspection plans created. The required sample size is determined in accordance with ISO 2859-AQL. 

Within the scope of the goods receipt process by Diesel Technic, every item is also visually inspected.

Inhouse Test Center

With an own test center at the headquarters in Germany, we are able to test the product quality and -performance. Furthermore we are able to guarantee a long period of use based on long-term tests. On self-developed test benches, the most diverse requirements can be simulated. Trained specialists then evaluate the results and, if necessary, initiate further product optimisation processes. In addition to these laboratory product tests, we regularly conduct field tests with test fleets of competence partners. This feedback is also continuously incorporated into the sustainable improvement of the quality of our branded products. 

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