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Hands-on experience and team spirit – Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd, United Kingdom

Breathtaking deep green landscapes with mystical remains of Iron Age fortresses and picturesque coastal roads – Northern Ireland definitely has a lot to offer. It is no wonder, that this wonderful place has been the film location of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. Next to it, this region is also the homeland of the team members of Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd which plays the main character in this Partner Story. The supplier of vehicle parts has its main location in Belfast, a lively and eventful city which is also known as the “birthplace” of the Titanic. Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd managing director Ian Hamill, in turn, told us about the company’s history.

For 44 years, Ian’s working day starts every morning at 7am when he opens up the business. With his “hands on approach” and decades experience, he has made it far in the business. At a young age Ian was involved in the business of spare parts for commercial vehicles. In 1961 Transport Supplies NI Ltd was founded. The company had one main branch which was located in Belfast, a second branch was later opened in Portadown in 1995. In the beginning, the focus was on service bus and commercial truck parts, but over the years the product range has grown significantly.

Always one step ahead of the competition

Thanks to Ian’s motto “First into the business and last out every day”, the company has developed strongly but the human component must not be missing either. “Firm and fair”, is a strong work ethic according to the businessman. Last but not least, working with loyal suppliers and customers has a great effect on the business success, says Ian.

Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd employs a total of 30 people. “There is a team of managers, heading up each department. Our success is to empower the team and give them responsibility”, says Ian. “We have a strong sales force, our longest serving member of staff is Jimmy McNeill who has worked for the company for 29 years. Jimmy is a sales rep and his son Ryan has been working for the company for five years and has recently been promoted to a position of sales rep.” This example shows how dedicated, motivated and loyal staff members are passing on their enthusiasm to the next generation which benefits the continued existence of the company.

In addition to a good personnel policy, customer service must of course not be neglected. The same day delivery service is well received by customers and works as follows: “If a customer orders before 10am they receive delivery on the same day. To make this happen and offer an extra service to the customers, we require excellent service from our suppliers.”     

Major plans for the future

After challenging times due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, the team at Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd has great plans for the year 2022 in mind. For example, to grow the e-commerce to reach customers more effectively. The team plans the extended communication of the DT Spare Parts Premium Shop and its Loyalty Program to the customers, for example through new social media platforms.

Diesel Technic and Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd have been working together for over 25 years. In the beginning, the company purchased spare parts directly from Germany. This changed when Diesel Technic UK & Ireland LTD. was founded.

Product, price, service – three key arguments for Diesel Technic

The main reasons to start a business relationship with Diesel Technic were the wide range of products, competitive prices along with excellent service. All three points are still relevant today in order to win against the competitors. It goes without saying that some things have changed in the way of collaboration during this long period of time. This refers, for example, to Diesel Technic UK & Ireland LTD. in Kingswinford/Great Britain. This location was opened in 2015. Since then, the responsible colleagues take care of Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd. Ian summarises: “Switching from Germany supply to the UK, has meant better and faster supply with stronger communications.” This has created an opportunity for both businesses. Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, the support included numerous business meetings in person which has temporarily switched to remote sessions.

“DT Spare Parts has a great range of lines along with the excellent 24-month guarantee. The warranty service is first class and one of the best in our industry. We communicate the brand through our sales team, using promotion flyers and when appropriate trade visits”, says the managing director. The product groups steering, suspension, filtration and transmission are well received by the customers and the brand SIEGEL Automotive is a great alternative for more price-conscious customers. 

Transport Supplies (NI) Ltd have been loyal to Diesel Technic for a quarter of a century and we are looking forward to the next 25 years working together.

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