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Joint growth as key to success – dieselDR Kft., Hungary

Puszta, Balaton, Budapest – these terms probably come to everyone's mind who thinks of the beautiful country Hungary. In former times, you crossed the famous steppe landscape – the Puszta – on horseback while today you find a well-developed motorway network that is oriented radially around the capital as centre. Ideal conditions for the business of dieselDR which plays the leading role in this Partner Story and which has its headquarters in Budapest.

However, that was not always the case, tells owner Gabor Dér who had already started his own car repair shop in the early 90s. “At that time, we were in an age of political transition. We had no real vision except to live better and to have success in this uncertain time”, remembers the owner and managing director. “We have done some good work and our service was in demand.” During this period of time, the trade with spare parts was an inherent part of the business, even though much less than today.

With passion and know-how

1993 the foundation of dieselDR took place in Gyöngyös, a city approximately 90 km east of Budapest. Already at that time, Gabor Dér felt a real passion for commercial vehicles. “I really loved commercial vehicles because serving this customer base is far more challenging than car customers.” 1997 the establishment of another branch office in the capital Budapest followed which today represents the central location. In the year 2000, a further branch in Eger was opened and since 2009, dieselDR is also serving its customers from the city Miskolc.

The managing director sees the practised values of the company as key to success: years of acquired specialized knowledge, the professional attitude of his employees as well as consistently responsible, well-schooled team leaders. “We are proud that we exclusively distribute commercial vehicle parts and since 2016 also bus components and are specialised in this.”

The start of this promising cooperation with Diesel Technic was presented by the Automechanika in Frankfurt in the year 2006, the international leading trade fair of the automotive industry. “As I got to know the Diesel Technic range, I was surprised to see, how much wider it is than the product line of other aftermarket companies”, tells Gabor Dér. “The great challenge on the Hungarian market for me is the provision of a large choice of spare parts as well as a fast delivery.” Besides, a reliable guarantee period is becoming increasingly important so that dieselDR successfully distributes products of DT Spare Parts (24 months guarantee) and SIEGEL Automotive (12 months guarantee). Next to the guarantee period, the high quality brings a tangible added value for the customer.

Meanwhile, dieselDR is represented in five business locations. The recent branch was opened in Debrecen at the beginning of 2019. Gabor Dér appreciates the positive development of the business also the good service by Diesel Technic and especially highlights the excellent support through the marketing that helps his company in diverse manner.

Cooperation at eye level

Gabor Dér particularly values the principle of the one-stop shopping where he as distributor benefits from the wide product range of Diesel Technic. “This allows me not only to acquire as many parts as possible from one provider but also it gives me safety and the chance to grow together with my partner.” For example, dieselDR has always taken the opportunity and expanded its range as soon as Diesel Technic came up with novelties in the product assortment.

Thanks to its continuous growth and a steady development, dieselDR belongs nowadays to the most dominant companies on the Hungarian market for automotive parts and accessories. But that's not enough for the owner. He already has big plans for the future. His goal: A nationwide coverage for the whole of Hungary. For this purpose, he would like to set up branches in the west of the country in the future.

With the help of a strong cooperation with Diesel Technic at eye level, there is nothing standing in the way of this goal.

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