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Success thanks to hard work and partnership – Couto e Nurnberg Comercio de Pecas Ltda, Brazil

Keeping vehicles moving and minimising the downtime - objectives that the Brazilian distribution partner Couto e Nurnberg Comercio de Pecas Ltda and Diesel Technic successfully have in common. Valtencir Couto and Eberson Bento De Couto, both employed in management at Couto, tell us how the 2008 founded company has become a thriving success.

Their passion for trucks has played a key role for a long time and has inspired the founders to distinguish themselves more intensely within this field of work and to subsequently open their own business. Valtencir Couto and Eberson Bento De Couto’s know-how from the previous jobs as parts salespeople, as well as their willingness to learn something new every day, has benefited them.

“The success of the company is the result of hard work and the appreciation of that which we do daily. The commitment to sell qualitatively high-quality products and to provide a similarly good service, as well as simultaneously prioritising ethical principles has become the norm for us. In addition to this, you should never stop your own training, particularly in relation to new technologies. It is only in this way that we have been able to form a sound business and come so far”, said the brothers.

Currently, there are two branches of Couto in Brazil. One in the town of Cascavel and the other in the town of Maringá – other sites are being checked. Thanks to the distribution hub in the town of Curitiba, products can be distributed across the whole state territory, even in regions that could not be served before.

The market is very competitive, nevertheless it is a promising field because there is almost always the demand for spare parts for commercial vehicles. “According to data from a survey executed by Fundação Dom Cabral on logistics and infrastructure, 75 % of Brazilian goods are transported by road”, explained the two. “One of the challenges in particular is the warranty period because the road conditions in Brazil are mostly poor and therefore increases maintenance.”

Partnership for collective growth

It is possible to notice ever growing movement among the competition. Even ideas by Couto’s marketing promotions have been copied. It is even more important now to have a strong and reliable partner by your side. For many years there has been a partnership between Diesel Technic and Couto. “Two reputable companies have united that have devoted themselves to quality and recognition acquired within the market”, said the founders. “Diesel Technic always helps us quickly when we need it. For example, the cooperation of promotions, the display window and front designs, the preparation for events, the awarding of contracts or in the guarantee field – we have been successful in all situations.”

With the products from the brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive, a complete range combined with quality and guarantee is on offer. These values present a set for Couto, which is essential for sale success. DT Spare Parts is, in their eyes, a brand with credibility on the market. Whenever possible, the company executes, for example, campaigns, publication on social networks and email promotions to generate awareness. SIEGEL Automotive is also presented as efficient. “We frequently integrate the brand into our display window and advertising promotions to increase visibility of the brand for the customer. We view SIEGEL Automotive as one of the quality lines accepted by the end user with good prices and growth potential within our range.”

Couto and Diesel Technic would also like to grow together in the future and always provide the best service.

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