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Two strong partners

Algeria is a country full of history. The first human traces in North Africa can be found in Algeria. Located in the high plateau of northeastern Algeria, the site of Ain Hanech documents the spread of hominids to northern Africa by at least 1.7 to 1.8 million years ago and represents the earliest known archaeological evidence in this part of Africa.
Followed by millenniums, centuries and decades full of dynamic development, Algeria is nowadays a sovereign state. Located in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast, Algeria is the biggest country in Africa and the 10th biggest country in the world. Due to the size of the country, it offers all kind of forms of vegetation – coastal plains, Atlas Mountains and the Sahara.

This is the region where Abderrezak Akroune decided to found his company A&M Distribution. “The capital Algiers offer a very good strategical location to import goods and supply the rest of the country” states the General Manager.

Marketing Communications as a support for success

After finishing his studies as mechanical engineer at the technical school in Algiers and complementing it by a Master degree in Paris/France, Abderrezak Akroune joint a local company and observed the high demand for spare parts on the one hand and the lack of available spare parts on the other hand. That is why he ventured a step and took the decision to open his own company. “When I started my business I worked from home. My office was my own room with my FAX.”, states the founder. After hiring a mechanic as a support, Abderrezak Akroune decided to present the company the first time at a big automobile and spare parts exhibition in Algeria. The background was to use the European vision and create the own Marketing tools for the company. “We had great Marketing actions at the beginning. We had our own logo, which nobody else had during this time, our own branded cars, business cards and our first website. These tools helped us a lot to establish our company in the market.”
Nowadays A&M Distribution is known as a distributor for premium brands. “When customers are coming to A&M Distribution, they know they are getting the best quality in the market”.

To fulfill these expectations of the customers and to establish this reputation of the company was not easy. “At the beginning we had many problems with several suppliers. During this time also we got in contact with Diesel Technic. The relation developed very positively after getting to know each other”.

“Diesel Technic is a serious German company and offers us a very high service, a very dynamic product development with regular new items and a wide range of products. This wide range is very important for us and our customers. Also for new trucks which are used in Algeria.”
Due to the variety within the Algerian landscape, there is a high demand in the market and a wide spare parts network. Every two years there is the Equip Auto Algeria exhibition in Algiers. “In 2016 we presented the brand DT Spare Parts as a special guest at our stand to present the new developments of the brand to our customers. The show was a big success for us!”, says Abderrezak Akroune.

The presentation of the brand DT Spare Parts was accompanied by PR-articles in several special interest magazines.

First DT Spare Parts flagship store in North Africa

“Internally we are very active. We do teambuilding, conferences and networking. Diesel Technic helps us also in the Sales and supports and trains our Sales team. The Marketing is for our company also very important. From the past till today and also for the future. It is very important to inform the customers and to communicate to them. Diesel Technic also supports us in this regards a lot. The support in communication, e.g. the Promotion Generator for individual promotions, helps our business a lot.”

In 2016 the Sales team of Diesel Technic supported the Sales team of A&M Distribution for joint activities in the market in order to present the brand DT Spare Parts to workshop specialists. This action helped to position the brand in the market, to explain the benefits of DT Spare Parts and to increase the Sales.

In 2018 A&M Distribution provided an own floor to the brand DT Spare Parts within their shop to open a DT Spare Parts flagship store, the first one in Northern Africa.  “The flagship store will present the brand DT Spare Parts to our customers. They can convince themselves about the quality of the brand by inspecting the products with their own hands, by using the services, e.g. online or printed catalogues and can buy the parts right on the spot.”

In 2018 the DT Spare Parts flagship was opened officially to the public.

“The complete package of service, everything from one partner, is really special. The Marketing support from Diesel Technic Headquarters in Germany was a help for our start and the DT Spare Parts flagship store is a next step to a prosperous future.”, says Abderrezak Akroune.

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