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Dedicated to the customers – Euroveicoli S.r.I., Italy

Sun, ice cream, dolce vita – three terms, which are connected to “Bella Italia” and the typical Italian way of life. Especially the Neapolitan region is known for one famous meal: pizza. Also, many people associate the country with its intimate passion for vehicles of all kinds. This is where the history has its starting point for Euroveicoli S.r.l.

Passion as a key to success

Since 2010, Euroveicoli S.r.l. is a reliable partner for Diesel Technic in the region around Naples in the south of Italy. But its history began even earlier. “Euroveicoli was founded more than 50 years ago”, remembers Pio Puzone, owner of Euroveicoli. “The company grew from a little shop to what it is now, with the target: become a reference point for the southern part of Italy.”

Hereby, passion played a central role: “Us brothers who created Euroveicoli S.r.l. dedicated our whole life to this project, and none of us has ever given up from it, so far.” Similar to the dedication of the founders, Pio Puzone believes in the power of passion for business. “Often the knowledge comes from the passion our team has: the thirst of novelty and the deep know-how walk hand in hand.”

The secret of success behind Euroveicoli is being dedicated to work, customers, family and people who work with them. Nevertheless, Italy has a highly competitive market concerning the automotive industry. Euroveicoli also makes this experience. „We have a lot of strong competitors to deal with, and none of them make our day easy”, Pio Puzone further explains.

The company uses its market knowledge and the right amount of cordiality to keep a mutual loyalty to their customers. Pio Puzone particularly emphasizes the performance of its own team, with which the company prevails against strong competition. „Each one of our employees knows that the precision is one of our strong points. At the opening we were already set to offer our best: it is thanks to them that we are what we are. From the seller to the warehouse worker, supported by our sales/purchase team, everyone is part of a great gear dedicated to our customers.”

The fact that Euroveicoli is successfully in the competition is also evident from the new branch opened four years ago in Salerno. The owners are rightly proud of what they have achieved so far, but they are not resting on their laurels. „The branch grows with satisfaction. In 2019 our plans are to improve it to become even more present over the territory“.

What kind of role do Diesel Technic and its brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive play here? With their complete product range, they belong to the foundations of Euroveicoli’s work: „The strongest point of Euroveicoli is exactly the complete range of spare parts a customer can find”, states Pio Puzone. The DT Spare Parts range fits the needs of the customers perfectly. A complete range in guaranteed quality are values that are key to Diesel Technic and Euroveicoli – and of course to the end customers. The range offered by Diesel Technic is perfectly rounded up with products of the brand SIEGEL Automotive.

Partnership based on open dialogues

With Diesel Technic by its side, Euroveicoli is broadly positioned. Even though the most common trucks on the Italian streets are from Iveco, Pio Puzone knows about the developments due to the eCommerce. “With the explosion of the eCommerce around the world, we must point out that a lot of light-medium vehicles are adding to our customers fleets.” DT Spare Parts has all spare parts needed in store.

The partnership between Euroveicoli and Diesel Technic is based on open dialogues. “Every mutual proposal is already on the table, so I would say that we’re already on the best way continue the success in the future.” The story of Euroveicoli and Diesel Technic shows us also that a little persistence can do no harm – when one of Euroveicoli’s specialists first took notice of Diesel Technic and asked to open an account, it took some time until Diesel Technic opened their doors to them. “Luckily for both companies that we didn’t desist after the first try”, remembers Pio Puzone. “Once in contact, we started directly to appreciate the quality of the products and, most of all, the support to offer the brand to our market.” As one of the pioneers of the brand DT Spare Parts in the region, Euroveicoli did a great job to make the brand visible and desirable to the end customers.

“To tell the truth, after a good start, we had some problems due to the opening to some more distribution partners, but we managed with Diesel Technic to find a solution for a friendly co-existence.” The potential of the Italian Diesel Technic subsidiary and its great team is much appreciated by Euroveicoli. Their employees values Pio Puzone as great people who are always helpful and competent.

“A great boost to our customers’ trust has been the two year warranty of the DT Spare Parts products. We pushed the brand for what it is now: a top brand, independently from the price and our customers know that they are buying some of the most reliable brands in the automotive panorama.”

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