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Diesel Technic is one of the largest suppliers of automotive parts and accessories and was founded in Germany in 1972.

The core competence of Diesel Technic is to develop brand spare parts in guaranteed quality for various requirements and to ensure a worldwide supply of spare parts for DT Spare Parts products.

Distribution partners and their workshop customers in over 150 countries value Diesel Technic's expertise as a reliable full-service partner that keeps their business and vehicles moving.

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Jobs with perspective

“In 2015, after eight years of workshop experience, I joined Diesel Technic as a development specialist. After an intensive induction phase, I have since then independently developed several items for a wide variety of product groups over the past years. In my current position as a developer, some of my work involves the workshop network, where we test items under real conditions. As part of the international Parts Specialists team, I am also regularly in front of the camera to give our workshop professionals hints and tips straight from the workshop to support them in their everyday work.”

Kevin Berger, Developer, Engineering & Development Department

Career at Diesel Technic

Jobs with perspective

"In 2010, I started working for Diesel Technic directly with the job of a design engineer after finishing technical school. After an intensive training phase, I developed articles for various product groups independently for many years. In my current position, as Head of the Engineering & Development, I have management responsibility for more than 20 employees. Over the years I have developed step by step at Diesel Technic - both professionally and personally. As a father of three children, I particularly appreciate the compatibility of work and family."

Christian Otto, Head of Engineering & Development

Career at Diesel Technic

Jobs with perspective

“Since I joined Diesel Technic in 2007, my career and also the company have developed significantly. Starting out as a temporary employee, I was around when order picking was still done on paper – and I have been involved in all subsequent modernisations ever since. It did not take long before I was taken on as an employee in the logistics department at Diesel Technic, from where I worked my way up to my current position as Group Supervisor in Goods Outwards. Today, among other things, I am responsible for our fully automated small parts warehouse with shuttle technology. It is very important to me personally that a person’s efforts are noticed and valued. In addition to the career options I have here, I enjoy the good cooperation among my colleagues on a daily basis.”

Waldemar Renn, Group Supervisor Goods Outwards

Career at Diesel Technic

Jobs with perspective

“I joined Diesel Technic in 2012 as part of doing my master’s thesis. Right from the start, I was allowed to work on cross-location projects. After finishing my studies, I was given the opportunity to work at the company’s subsidiary in Dubai. There I was responsible for marketing activities, including supporting distribution partners in the Middle East, as well as in West and East Africa. Those three years in Dubai played a great role in shaping me and left me with memories that will stay with me for my entire life. Since 2016, I and my team at the company head office in Kirchdorf have been responsible for marketing activities with our worldwide distribution partners, as well as for corporate communications for the Diesel Technic Group. I am very grateful for the career opportunities I have been offered. As a family man, I particularly appreciate the company’s support with childcare costs.”

Volker Brinkmann, Head of Partner Marketing & Communications

Career at Diesel Technic

Jobs with perspective

“As a member of the Parts Specialists team, I support workshop professionals in their day-to-day work in the area of automotive parts and accessories. In our YouTube videos I can specifically pass on the knowledge I have acquired over the years. After completing my apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician for commercial vehicles, I spent several years working as a workshop journeyman before I joined Diesel Technic in their Aftersales Service department. There, with the support of the company, I completed my training as a commercial vehicle master while working. I love the mixture of teamwork and independent work that I have in my current position as group leader and Parts Specialist. Furthermore, thanks to my years of experience in the workshop, I am in a position to help ensure product quality and contribute my ideas when it comes to product optimisation. In addition to the responsibility I have, I really enjoy my diverse tasks, in which we also implement shared ideas for process and service optimisation within our department.”

Lars Mesloh, Group Leader Aftersales Service (Quality Assurance)

Career at Diesel Technic

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