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Driving sustainable growth – Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry, Saudi Arabia

Al-Kadi as a family looks back on a long and successful business history. Around 100 years ago, slightly before the commercial discovery of oil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first business was established by importing goods from Africa, India and Iraq. The foundation of the current entity: Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry was initiated in the 1950s by two brothers; Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Ebrahim. Starting with the importation of new trucks and building trailers by getting one of the first regional licenses of doing so in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company is built on decades of experience and on a sustainable success story. Nowadays, Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry has diversified into several businesses such as truck and trailer parts, passenger car parts and accessories, industrial components and lubes, and other private equity and estates – with a strategic network across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The keys to success

What is the key of success of one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf? “There are several reasons for the success of the company”, states Dr. Faisal Al-Kadi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director. “In regards to the operations and the daily work with our customers, one key is our vast and diverse range of products and solutions. Our customers can rely on a carefully-selected variety and readily available goods”, says Dr. Faisal Al-Kadi. The availability and fast delivery options throughout the country are secured by state-of-the-art storage facilities and logistics solutions.

Next to the operations also strategic visions and the business culture is crucial for the success. “The results are always a result of the team. Therefore the best teamwork and contribution of everybody is needed in order to be successful. By guaranteeing the best conditions we can guarantee the best outcome”. Furthermore Dr. Faisal Al-Kadi adds that “in regards to suppliers, the base is to build up long term relationships which are built on trust, reliability and mutual success at the end of the day”. As a passionate entrepreneur the Managing Director says “Al-Kadi as an organization is a future oriented class defining company that has not lost track of its roots and heritage.”

Partnership as win-win-win situation

Since he was a child, Dr. Faisal Al-Kadi knows Diesel Technic and its brand DT Spare Parts as he grew up with them. “The relationship with Diesel Technic is based on trust and confidence. The result of it is a win-win-win situation for Diesel Technic, Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry and our valued customers.”

“The brand DT Spare Parts has a very good brand reputation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Especially the wide range, the quality and the Marketing are very well appreciated by our customers and by us”, says Dr. Faisal Al-Kadi.

Looking forward to a prosperous future

“Being a dynamic company in a dynamic market, Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry is looking forward to a prosperous future. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a huge and promising country with many projects and an ambitious government.”, say Dr. Faisal Al-Kadi and continues “With Diesel Technic as our partner, we are sure that we are offering our customers the best solutions and create further growth for all parties.”

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