Company Philosophy and Policy

Growing together with our partners

Company Philosophy

Since the company was founded in 1972, our philosophy has been to reach out to our customers, listen to them and consistently tailor what we offer to meet their needs. With this philosophy, we have grown with our customers and have developed into one of the largest full-range suppliers of automotive parts and accessories – worldwide.

Today, distribution partners and their workshop customers as well as suppliers and service providers across the globe place their trust in “Growing together with our partners”.

To continue to justify the trust placed in us and to achieve our visions and goals, the committed Diesel Technic Group employees work hand in hand every day!

Our mission is to offer our customers reliable brand products and services that bring advantages and benefits with them.

Company Policy

The headquarters of the internationally operating Diesel Technic Group is located in Kirchdorf / Germany. The main areas of activity of Diesel Technic are development, production, trade and logistics relating to automotive parts and accessories.

The Board of Management is committed to maintain the Integrated Management system (IMS) and continuously improve it, and assumes its full responsibility.

The management and supervision of Diesel Technic SE is performed according to the “German Corporate Governance Code”, with special consideration of the “Governance Code for Family Businesses”, in which guidelines that have been developed for future-proof, sustainable and value-oriented corporate management are described.

Diesel Technic corporate policy covers the areas of Quality Assurance, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety and information security.

Goals/management expertise/responsibility

Corporate and process goals are derived from corporate policy and implemented from it. Our managers assume responsibility for achieving these goals together and for identifying with the company’s core values. These goals are implemented in compliance with all legal and other requirements and in line with the methodology of process-oriented and risk-based thinking and action.


Quality is an obligation we have to our customers. Our success is measured in terms of how we satisfy customer requirements. Careful planning, preparation and the rigorous application of our quality assurance measures prevents errors or rather minimises their occurrence.

Occupational Safety & Health Protection

Our goal is to assure and continuously improve the safety and health protection of our employees at work by preventing and eliminating risks and carrying out other occupational health and safety measures.

Successful occupational safety depends on the involvement and participation of employees. Each and every employee is responsible for both themselves and their colleagues. All accidents are preventable.

Environmental protection

It is our duty to help protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Products, processes and methods undergo environmental risk assessments and are subject to continuous improvement to prevent negative environmental impacts.

Information security

We are committed to protecting relevant information against loss of availability, confidentiality and integrity. To do so, we analyze and classify the information entrusted to us. Business-critical information, i.e. information that is directly related to our core processes or that is of great economic importance (such as customer data, construction data etc.), is subject to primary protection.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. They determine upon the success and continued existence of our company. We identify the wishes and tasks of our customers and discover ways of finding reliable, high-quality solutions for them.

Employee satisfaction

The qualification, information and motivation of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of our company. Therefore, it is a concern to keep employees well informed and to support them in the necessary knowledge and skills through training. The fundamental basis of a high level of satisfaction is ensured by a forward-looking corporate orientation and the design of a modern working environment.

Supplier management

Our suppliers are important partners in the value chain and the basis for high-quality and safe products; accordingly, we attach great importance to their suitability. Quality, environmental and occupational safety-related points are important aspects in the selection process and are regularly monitored. We do our utmost to keep the joint processes at a high level, with the aim of achieving a "secured status" of the business relationships.

Continuous improvement

We question the status quo, learn from our mistakes, and seek out forward-looking solutions to continuously improve the quality and competitiveness of the products and services we offer.


We are committed to actively driving the growth of the company and securing it economically.  We see changes in the market as an opportunity, also to identify and define further strategic measures. Through motivated employees, modern technologies, innovation and continuous improvement, we ensure economic independence and the long-term existence of the company.

Maintaining market share/profit

We want to create clear competitive advantages and generate profits – for our customers and for ourselves. We seek to be a reliable partner in all matters relating to quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety and information security.

Crisis management

We are committed to ensuring the continued existence of the company by systematically dealing with crisis situations. By promptly identifying problems, planning and implementing measures to solve problems and continuously monitoring the results as well as checking the effectiveness of measures, we aim to return to normal as quickly as possible and keep negative consequences as low as possible.

Scope of the IMS

The scope of the Integrated Management System includes the development, production, trade, service and logistics of vehicle parts and accessories.

The scope of the management system is defined for Diesel Technic with its headquarters in the industrial park in Kirchdorf.

Our Integrated Management System includes external topics such as upstream processes for the procurement of our products, operating resources and energy. Furthermore, requirements from the IMS are defined beyond the physical site boundaries for upstream and downstream logistics processes as well as waste disposal and co-packing.

The central point of the information security management efforts is to secure the systems and data required to maintain operations (e.g. MS ADDS, terminal server, ERP, WMS, web shop, communication connections) as well as the infrastructure required to realise the services.

In general, the results of the "analysis of the corporate environment", binding legal obligations as well as obligations from customer relationships, supplier relationships and contractual regulations are taken into account.

There are no exclusions in the requirements of the management systems, all requirements are implemented and active.

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