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With many years of experience in the automotive industry, Rawson always keeps track of the competitors in the market: “Competition is exceptionally strong which requires us to run a streamlined and efficient business. This is positive for the industry and our company as it encourages us to keep pushing for improvements and striving to remain the best.” Having solid partners and good working relationships in this market is of essential importance. Digraph has been partners with Diesel Technic for more than ten years. The relationship grew over the years, originally supplied from Germany until Diesel Technic UK & Ireland LTD. was opened in Kingswinford. 

“The opening of Kingswinford developed the relationship to a new level as Diesel Technic was able to provide an exceptional service within the UK. The online Partner Portal gives ease of ordering, pricing and stock visibility”, states the CEO. With Diesel Technic, Digraph has a strong partner by its side offering exceptional technical and warranty support. James Rawson appreciates that all members of Diesel Technic are helpful and supportive of his business and the direction and vision he has for Digraph’s amazing future. 

In addition to the service, James Rawson and Diesel Technic share the belief in quality without compromises. “Quality is fundamental to our business and we pride ourselves in providing customers with quality products and it is essential for us to ensure we are confident in selling the product. It also gives our customers the same piece of mind.” 
Not only the 24-months guarantee on all DT Spare Parts products but also the complete range is a value that Rawson knows about. “The extensive range DT Spare Parts covers, is the greatest benefit we see. There are lots of products we buy from the DT Spare Parts range which are not available through other supply options. This is a major advantage to both Diesel Technic and Digraph – the range is exceptional. Our relationship with Diesel Technic is increasing which demonstrates the strength of the brand and how well received it is amongst our customer base.” 

Since the commercial vehicle market is characterised by vehicles that vary significantly regarding age, Digraph has to provide its customers with a wide range of spare parts. Outside influences such as the credit crisis and Brexit affect the sales of new vehicles. Naturally being an aftermarket provider, Digraph tend to supply parts for slightly older vehicles over three years. The average age of vehicles they supply for is 2012-2013. Among trucks, DAF is the most popular on UK streets. In general, Rawson describes the UK automotive market as a “relatively old-fashioned industry – built on relationships which are often longstanding both with customers, suppliers and staff”

Diesel Technic and Digraph are looking forward to expand their partnership. James Rawson’s vision is to work even closer to help with Digraph’s future expansion plans: “We want to strengthen the partnership which will help to develop sales across the whole Digraph network.” 

Every business starts with a founder and a vision – Digraph’s story is a unique one and will write many further chapters. 

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