Once more together for the region in 2016


Employees of Diesel Technic AG once again support social projects

Again in 2016, the staff of Diesel Technic AG strongly supported social institutions and associations in the region. The employees’ motto for new donation applications this spring was: A new round, a new chance! In 2015, in response to a request by the staff to participate in the social engagement of the full-service provider for commercial vehicle spare parts in future, the company developed a new donation model. As sponsors of the donations, the employees filled in an application form and suggested donation recipients from non-profit organizations or cultural fields.

In order to give continued support for the commitment of employees in various clubs and institutions in their spare time, Diesel Technic AG also made available an additional donation budget for the good cause in 2016. During the Diesel Technic summer party, 40 donation recipients were drawn from all the valid donation applications handed in by employees. 

The recipients have since supported many projects with the donations. An ambulatory hospice service from the region invested the money in the training of a new course instructor, so that new volunteer hospice staff can be qualified and trained locally. “Supporting associations” of primary schools and nursery schools in the region purchased new teaching materials and play equipment for carefree learning and fun. Sports clubs and the youth fire brigade were also among this year’s donation recipients. With the money received, they mainly purchased new equipment and invested further in youth work.

The staff of Diesel Technic AG are delighted that, as donation sponsors, they were able to give great pleasure to 40 donation recipients once again this year and together provide strong support for social projects in the region.