Foundation laid for further growth


Diesel Technic AG is expanding its headquarters in Kirchdorf/Germany

Diesel Technic AG has started work on the major expansion of its headquarters. The aim is to improve its product and service provision to customers. The expansion supports Diesel Technic AG's ongoing growth strategy. With more than 36 000 branded products of guaranteed quality, a network of international subsidiaries and distribution partners in 150 countries, the company ranks as one of the largest suppliers of commercial vehicle spare parts in the independent aftermarket.

As part of the expansion, the existing high-bay warehouse at Wehrmannsdamm in Kirchdorf is being supplemented with a new logistics building. With a height of 18.5 m and covering an area of 6 600 m², it is almost as big as a football stadium. Around 4 500 m² of the new building is intended for the high-bay storage, with space for a total of 13 000 pallets. Another 1 150 m² of floorspace will be given over to state-of-the-art and fully automatic shuttle storage with a capacity of 40 000 boxes arranged over 37 levels.

The new logistics building will particularly improve product availability, and automation will accelerate the logistics process according to the "goods-to-man" principle. A number of modern-equipped offices will also supplement existing capacity. As a result, the company is ensuring that new employees will continue to enjoy an optimum working environment well into the future. An additional car park with around 460 parking spaces is already complete.

With this latest site expansion, Diesel Technic AG is cooperating once again with various artisan enterprises in the region. The company expects the expansion to be completed over the course of 2019.

Distribution partners and their workshop customers will benefit from the experience and expertise of Diesel Technic, in developing branded spare parts of guaranteed quality for various requirements in the independent aftermarket and in ensuring a reliable spare parts supply. With the complete range and full service, Diesel Technic continues its mission for "one stop shopping", providing every opportunity to the trade and its workshop customers to keep commercial vehicles moving around the world.