DT Spare Parts Premium Shop: The next winners of the welcome campaign have been announced

DT Spare Parts

Register until 30 November 2018 for a chance to win crowns

The winners of the welcome campaign "Dreams come true" of the DT Spare Parts Premium Shop are drawn by lot for October 2018.

The winners are: 

  • 250 000 crowns: Vladimir (Russia)
  • 175 000 crowns: Miguel Angel (Spain)
  • 125 000 crowns: Guillaume (France)
  • 75 000 crowns: Claire (Ireland)
  • 50 000 crowns: Hugo (Spain)
  • 25 000 crowns: Tim (Germany)
  • 20 000 crowns: Nilan (South Africa)
  • 15 000 crowns: Moises (Paraguay)
  • 10 000 crowns: Ahmed (Tanzania)
  • 5 000 crowns: Linda (Netherlands)

DT Spare Parts congratulates all winners!

With the crowns, it is possible to select valuable rewards in the Premium Shop. The premium assortment ranges from sports and leisure articles, tools and electrical goods to travel, experience and goods vouchers. The registration for the Premium Shop is free.

All information about the Premium Shop of DT Spare Parts can be found here:

You can still participate in the welcome campaign “Dreams come true”: Register now for a chance to win more than 3 000 000 crowns in the value of 20 000 € between August and November 2018!