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Be continuously informed through the social media channels

The posting of current news and promotions on social media has been part of the daily business of Diesel Technic for many years. Thanks to the various channels, direct and personal communication within the distribution chain is possible. "Like, Share and Tweet" are not just common social media terms, they also bring many benefits to you, your customers and us.

Diesel Technic directly updates the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Central information can be quickly seen on the individual channels. Content that is particularly interesting for you and your customers can be easily shared worldwide. This does not only give you the best information, but also to your customers. A lively exchange creates additional proximity at the same time.

On Facebook, the brand DT Spare Parts now informs about 17.500 followers about current product news as well as promotions and raffles in the Premium Shop. The good thing about it: Directly below the posts is room for comments – you can attach your constructive criticism openly and honestly and we get valuable feedback, e.g. about new products or suggestions for the existing product range. In addition to the brand DT Spare Parts, the brand SIEGEL Automotive and Diesel Technic as a company also have their own Facebook presence.

On Twitter, brevity is the soul of wit – that is why we twitter short messages and links to interesting information for you, which you can share directly.

On YouTube, with its own video channel that has just celebrated its tenth anniversary, Diesel Technic relies on the moving image – because the company is always on the move to provide distribution partners and end customers with the best possible support, e.g. with helpful tips and tricks the Parts Specialists give in their videos.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words – therefore, on Instagram we mainly share visual impressions with you and your customers to let you participate in special events such as fairs.

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