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Users in workshops benefit from the new spare parts guarantees for DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive

Diesel Technic now offers users of the product brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive even better after-sales services. With upgraded guarantees, the supplier of commercial vehicle spare parts promotes the profound trust in the branded products of DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive. The guarantees for both product brands have been extended and now apply throughout the entire trade chain up to the final purchaser. This means that the guarantee period of the article commences only on the date that a user demonstrably acquired it from a distribution partner of Diesel Technic. The differences in the guarantee conditions of the two product brands are related to the guarantee period: DT Spare Parts offers a 24-month guarantee and SIEGEL Automotive offers a 12-month guarantee.

The constantly high quality level at Diesel Technic is achieved through an uncompromising Quality Assurance and continuing product optimization within the framework of the Diesel Technic Quality Systems (DTQS). If, in spite of all preventative measures, it should come to a guarantee claim, the optimization measures documented flow back into the product development process in the context of the continuous improvement process. Further info:

The processing of the spare parts guarantees remains easy for users of both product brands: They forward guarantee claims, together with invoice, to their dealer or to the distribution partner of Diesel Technic. Master mechanics with specialized practical knowledge in the commercial vehicle sector ensure rapid fault analysis and fair processing at Diesel Technic. Thanks to the comprehensive, transparent communication, the parties involved are always kept informed. 

The new guarantee conditions supplement the comprehensive after-sales services for users, which include, for example, the multilingual, illustrated assembly instructions of the brand DT Spare Parts. These assist mechanics, in particular during installation of safety-relevant and complex products, and help to avoid recurring installation errors. In addition, product training is offered by experienced commercial vehicle master mechanics, which include valuable practical tips.

The upgraded guarantees ensure the added trust of workshop customers worldwide in products of the brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive. The new guarantee conditions have applied since 1 September 2016 and are available for download on the websites, and They can be found in all the new product catalogues of both brands.

The product brands DT Spare Parts and
SIEGEL Automotive offer Diesel Technic’s own products and not original spare parts from the vehicle manufacturers. Distribution partners in 150 countries ensure the reliable supply of spare parts with products of the brands DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive and offer the best possible customer service locally.

An overview of the extended guarantee and range of services and their procedures is provided in the flyer “Aftersales-Service” for distribution partners and workshop customers at: