Training period successfully completed at Diesel Technic


In the winter of 2016, 14 young people successfully completed their period of training or their dual degree program with Diesel Technic AG in Kirchdorf. With their diplomas in the recognized occupations requiring formal training: IT specialists - applications development, specialists for warehouse logistics, clerk for marketing communication, clerks in wholesale and foreign trade and technical product designer, the graduates have laid the foundation for a promising professional future. One graduate is also delighted about the acquisition of the academic degree Bachelor of Arts through successful conclusion of the dual degree program in Business Administration. All 14 graduates are taken over into an employment relationship by Diesel Technic AG. They support the teams in their former training departments or are realizing their professional objectives in other specialized departments.

The training of young people and accompanying them on their way into professional life has been part of the corporate philosophy of Diesel Technic for many years. “Qualified trainees of today are the specialists and managers of tomorrow – Diesel Technic therefore attaches great importance to the takeover of the graduated after their training or dual training program”, declared Linda Witte, Training Officer at Diesel Technic AG. With professional perspectives and further training opportunities, the company group wishes to bind its own junior staff as a valuable asset in the long term.

In addition to passing their final examinations, all six clerks in wholesale and foreign trade are delighted about their respective acquired qualification as European Clerk. They attended a two-year further education course at the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in addition to their vocational school classes. Within the framework of six-week internships abroad, they reinforced the teams at locations in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

During the preparation of their final projects, three of the graduates put what they had learned to the test in practice. The development of a test bench and programming of an application for the simplification and acceleration of user administration in the ERP system of Diesel Technic are two of the impressive projects. They are already being implemented and provide added value for the Company.

In addition to the official certificate presentation by the IHK, a graduation party organized by Diesel Technic will take place in February. In convivial company, the graduates will celebrate their success in the final examinations, together with parents, friends and or partners, trainers and colleagues.

Diesel Technic develops spare parts for commercial vehicles, which are sold by distribution partners under the brand DT Spare Parts in 150 countries. Worldwide, the Diesel Technic Group employs a staff of more than 650 from 30 countries.

With eight different recognised professions requiring formal training and four dual degree programs, Diesel Technic each year offers many young people the opportunity to start their career in an internationally operating company. During their period of training at Diesel Technic, the trainees not only work in their main department, but also get to know the other areas of the company. An internship abroad also provides the opportunity to gain valuable international experience. There are currently 37 trainees employed at Diesel Technic AG.

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