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Charge air hoses for trucks and buses

The DT Spare Parts brand offers a complete range with more than 30 000 different spare parts for trucks, trailers and buses, including all standard charge air hoses.

The DT Spare Parts brand products, made of high quality materials, meet your highest quality requirements and guarantee a long period of use.

Charge air hoses are flexible connections which, along with compensating vibrations between the units, conduct hot air between the turbocharger and the intercooler or cold air between the intercooler and the engine.

The correct material composition is decisive for the long service life of charge air hoses.

DT-Technic Info

DT brand charge air hoses are therefore only produced from the best quality materials. Due to the high engine power of modern commercial vehicles, DT Spare Parts uses a particularly high quality mix of elastomers silicone rubber (MVQ) and fluorosilicone rubber (FMVQ) for it’s charge air hoses.

The extensive DT range of spare parts also covers wound charge air hoses. The braided or extruded hoses consist of a high quality rubber mix and have a wound surface. Due to the enormous pressure resistance, the possible applications for this type of hose are varied.
Charge air hoses are subjected to extremely high exposure: They must sustain temperatures between -40°C and +200°C and pressures of 100 kPa to 500 kPa (overpressure). They must also be ozone consistent and resistant to oil and diesel fuels, yet still be flexible.

This new rubber combination sustains the most extreme temperatures and is insensitive towards diesel fuel, which deposits a thin film on the inner wall of the hose when the engine is in operation.

Structure of charge air hoses

  1. Textile insert
  2. Reinforcement rings inner
  3. Reinforcement rings outer
  4. Defined folds
  5. High-grade stainless steel support rings
  6. Matching fitting clamps

At the same time, the elasticity is through defined folds and multi-layer textile inserts. The necessary stability is provided by using stainless steel support rings over the whole hose length and reinforcement rings on the hose ends. In order to ensure a correct assembly and a tight fit, charge air hoses and DT brand clamps are optimally aligned.