Company Philosophy and Policy

Growing together with our partners

Company Philosophy

Since the company was founded in 1972, our philosophy has been to reach out to our customers, listen to them and consistently tailor what we offer to meet their needs. With this philosophy, we have grown with our customers and have developed into one of the largest full-range suppliers of automotive parts and accessories – worldwide.

Today, distribution partners and their workshop customers as well as suppliers and service providers across the globe place their trust in “Growing together with our partners”.

To continue to justify the trust placed in us and to achieve our visions and goals, the committed Diesel Technic Group employees work hand in hand every day!

Our mission is to offer our customers reliable brand products and services that bring advantages and benefits with them.

Company Policy

Diesel Technic business and quality policy

Who are we?

The headquarter of the internationally operating Diesel Technic Group is located in Kirchdorf / Germany. The main remit of Diesel Technic is the development, production, trade and logistics of automotive parts and accessories.

How do we stand out from our competitors?

  • Focussing the product range on automotive parts and accessories
  • Comprehensive offer of branded products and a full service
  • Worldwide distribution of our range of branded products
  • Offering our customers competent support and advice and prompt deliveries

What are our medium and long-term goals?

  • Continuous improvement in customer, employee and supplier satisfaction in all areas
  • Further development of the product range to satisfy customer demand as fully as possible
  • Improvement in the delivery service (availability and delivery speed) and ensure the sustainable product quality
  • Further development and expansion of worldwide subsidiaries to serve the markets in the best possible way
  • Continuous increase of the sales volume while taking into account the need to secure future profitability

Diesel Technic environmental policy

The environmental policy of Diesel Technic is aimed at all employees and areas of the company as well as those working on the organisation’s behalf and the public. The common goal is to achieve continuous improvement in corporate environmental protection and environmental performance. Environmental protection in itself, the health and safety of employees and social responsibility to the public are part of the company objective just as compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements are and it is all the responsibility of company management.

Being convinced that maintaining a liveable environment is not only the responsibility of the State, but that of every company and not least that of each individual, Diesel Technic is always striving, using appropriate measures, to examine and assess all current and future environmental impact and make all persons and parties involved aware of this and steer their behaviour – in as much as they are able to exert influence – in the best possible direction. By using the best and economically viable technologies, the company tries to avoid environmental pollution as much as possible or keep it to a minimum.

Diesel Technic occupational and health protection policy

Diesel Technic is committed to providing its employees, subcontractors and all visitors a safe and healthy environment and performing its various business operations in a safe way.

Within the framework of the OHSAS 18001 occupational and health protection management system, company management undertakes to avoid injuries and illnesses of any kind and to continuously improve the occupational and health protection management system itself and optimise the associated occupational and health protection services. The company also undertakes to comply with all legal requirements relevant to the company and any other requirements to which they are committed.

Company management, all employees and authorised third parties are asked to respect and comply with the contents of the occupational and health protection management system and drive forward the achievement of the defined goals.

Scope of the IMS

The scope of the integrated management system includes the development, production, trading and logistics of automotive parts and accessories.

The following location is in the management system:
Diesel Technic 
Wehrmannsdamm 5-9
27245 Kirchdorf

The integrated management system of Diesel Technic incorporates external issues, such as upstream processes of procuring automotive parts and accessories, resources and energy. The IMS also defines requirements for downstream processes, such as waste disposal, beyond the physical limits of the location. The results of the analysis of the company environment and other binding commitments are among the things considered here.

Legally binding commitments fall within the scope of the IMS just as binding commitments from customer relationships, supplier relationships or even employment contracts do.