Diesel Technic Quality System

DTQS: Guaranteed brand quality for satisfied customers

Consistently high level of quality

Distribution partners and their workshop customers trust in safe branded products with Diesel Technic's quality guarantee. The Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS) is the guarantor for the consistently high level of quality and the continuous product optimisation. The central interface between product management, engineering & development and quality management is the Computer Aided Quality System (CAQ).

The product-related inspection plans created after the successful initial sample inspection are stored in the CAQ system. All continuous quality inspections that are performed on the basis of the inspection lot definition according to AQL ISO 2859 are documented. 8D reports for tracking product optimisations and the results from the quality circle are also documented in the CAQ system. Regular audits of certified suppliers by the internal team of VDA 6.3 process auditors, supported by accredited external testing organisations, round off the comprehensive Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS).

Support by experts

Distribution partners and their workshop customers are supported by experienced master mechanics/mechatronics technicians from the automotive sector for technical questions about Diesel Technic brand products. The rapid problem analysis and fair handling of warranty cases includes comprehensible, transparent communication, if necessary also with detailed test reports.

Multilingual, illustrated assembly instructions, especially for safety-relevant and complex products, support the mechanics in the workshop during installation and avoid recurring assembly errors.

Should a warranty case occur despite all preventive measures, the optimisation measures documented in the 8D reports flow back into the sustainable product development process as part of the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).

Inhouse Test Center

With an own test center at the headquarters in Germany, we are able to test the product quality and -performance compared to the original equipment. Furthermore we are able to guarantee a long period of use based on long-term tests. On self-developed test benches, the most diverse requirements can be simulated. Trained specialists then evaluate the results and, if necessary, initiate further product optimisation processes. In addition to these laboratory product tests, we regularly conduct field tests with test fleets of competence partners. This feedback is also continuously incorporated into the sustainable improvement of the quality of our branded products.