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TecDoc is a comprehensive information system for the automobile industry and supplies the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) with current and extensive data for the identification of spare parts for vehicles. The system consists of a database, with current comparison numbers of cooperating parts manufacturers that can be used by retailers and independent workshops to accurately allocate spare parts to vehicle types.

The standardised product data is updated every quarter and offered as a DVD or web catalogue. The TecDoc database currently includes around 2.9 million parts for commercial vehicles and automobiles, among which DT® brand spare parts can be found since July 2008.


Almost all 30,000 DT® spare parts are listed with illustrations and product information in 28 languages in the parts catalogue.

DIESEL TECHNIC, operating in the IAM for commercial vehicles since 1972, has played an active role in the further development of structures in the commercial vehicle section of the TecDoc parts catalogue.

For good cooperation and the quality of the supplied product data, DIESEL TECHNIC has been distinguished as a "Class A" data supplier and provides active support as a "Certified Data Supplier" for successful sales through the spare parts trade.


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New Products

4.91280 | Repair kit, disc valve
4.63416 | Control panel, driver side
4.50417 | Thrust washer
10.30003 | Wheel bolt
1.18860 | Spring brake cylinder
10.20020 | Wheel nut
5.10180 | Hollow spring
3.51017 | Engaging ring
6.28524 | Rubber mounting, engine suspension
4.50393 | Spring retainer, intake and exhaust
6.35308 | Radiator hose
7.94206 | Main bearing kit
4.91572 | King pin kit
1.10933SP | Air filter
2.44076 | Trailer control valve
1.23010 | Cabin tilt pump
7.36006 | Brake disc
4.63059 | Shifting cylinder
6.26007 | Compressor
4.50336 | Thrust ring
2.32184 | Rod
7.94404 | Con rod bearing kit
3.69014 | Servo pump, right turn
1.18374 | Distributor
1.23017 | Cabin tilt pump

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